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RFinder Android Radio First QSO's

RFinder Android Radio DMR QSO International Worldwide.

RFinder Android Radio First Test!!!

RFinder Android Radio DMR REALTIME Programming demo!

No more codeplugs! No more cables! Just point and click to change frequencies OR TS/Call Group combos! Manually program a frequency/TS/CG in realtime ...

BlueDV iOS progress update ( 21-12-2016 )

Working on iPhone screens. Lot of work... Lot of bugs in the developer tools.

Part 4 - DV4home D-Star (on VE2VPS B) and DMR QSO with VA2PX

This video demonstrate a QSO with my friend Martin VA2PX, in DMR and D-Star on the Quebec local reflector VE2VPS B. If you find the screen blurry this is ...

Antenne positie DMR-Amsterdam

Antenne positie DMR-Amsterdam.

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